Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photo essay

    I went around the Portland waterfront area to capture how random individuals and couples carry themselves through their style, inspirations, and dreams. I asked all of them two random questions: 1. Who or what is something that inspires you. 2. What is one of your dreams in life. Almost every single person had different answers. This topic addresses the fact that every single person is different and their personalities as well as their individuality really shine through each of the photos which was one of my favorite parts of this project. I think a lot of people tend to judge individuals by what's on the outside, instead of what's on the inside. It's ok to be different and unique so we should all embrace that side of ourselves and in others as well. Except the fact that everyone is different because it is so important that we all support and care for one another especially in today's world. As you see in each one of these photos,  I think everyone's personality really shows through and may move people in a different way.

   Everyone  moved me in a different way and it was really inspiring to listen to what keep these people going everyday. I hope everybody sees the beauty in everyone no matter who you are or what you look like. Everybody has inspirations and dreams just like you do, so don't judge someone without getting a chance to truly know them. 

Portland Waterfront

This is Ann
Her inspiration is her husband and she says she is currently living the dream

This is Rebecca and Anthony
They are both inspired by music
Rebecca's dream would be to travel to Italy. Anthony said he would like to be in a band

Meet Johnny O.
He is inspired by Jesus
His dream is to outlive his children

This is Angelina and John
They are both inspired by the idea of children
Their dream is to live on a beautiful farm and escape society

Meet Annett
Her inspiration is her children
Her dream is to one day own a daycare

This is Betty and her blind dog Bomber
She is inspired by her faith
Her dream is to be in a garden and plant more

This is Sammy and Adam
Sammy's inspiration is Adam. Adam's inspiration is his skateboarding
They both would like to travel the world together someday

Meet Cameron
His inspiration is weed
His dream is to have music be his full time career

Meet Cameron's friend Tim
His inspiration is to have a music career as well as Cameron
His dream is to host a huge free concert for everybody

Meet Stacey and Jared
They are both inspired by each other
 Jared's dream is to die before Stacey because he never wants to live without her
Stacey's dream is to one day make a difference in the world

 This is Kenny and Dau
Kenny is inspired by curious and different people.
Dau's inspiration and dream is to become a police officer and help people

This is Madison (left) Brent (middle) and Heather (right)
Nice people inspire Heather. Heather is living the dream by helping others.
Madison is inspired by his daughter and his dream is to travel.
Family inspires Brent and his dream is helping raise kids

Meet Janae (right) and Meyone (left)
Janae is inspired by music and her dream is to be a singer
Meyone is inspired by herself and her dream is to be an entrepreneur and own multiple businesses 

This is Glenda and Craige
They are both inspired by God and their dream is to be together forever
Every single person is different. Don't judge a book by its cover